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Whether you are looking for a new pay monthly mobile phone contract, a shiny new smartphone handset or a SIM only deal you have come to the right place. Many mobile phone retailers seem to offer a confused and chaotic sight where offers constantly change, and the deals seem difficult and confusing to get your head around. At Fonehouse we decided to do things; differently, we made it our missions to make sure we could offer our customers low prices and easy to understand deals in a format that was clear to understand. We have a fantastic customer service team who are all based within the UK to make sure you have access to more information and a real person to answer your questions whenever you need us. Our team undergo continued professional development training so that we can be confident they are helping you in the best way possible and knowledgeable in all of the handsets we offer. We also make sure that they understand every aspect of our mobile phone deals so they are best placed to be able to help you with any questions you might have for them.

Here at Fonehouse, we have spent many years dedicating ourselves to bringing our customers in the UK the very best in mobile phone deals, offering a wealth of choice in a format that is easy to follow and understand. We strive daily to make sure that our customers can find the best in handset and contract deals so that you can own the phone that you want and be happy with the monthly cost for your chosen tariff. Our team has made sure that we can offer some of the very best pay monthly deals that you will find anywhere in the UK, so if you have dreams of owning the newest handset from one of our great mobile phone manufacturers or whether you just need a more affordable pay monthly contract we are confident that we will have what you need right here at Fonehouse.

New phone releases are becoming a regular event with so many manufacturers vying for customer attention, and we are committed to each and everyone. Every new handset sets our deal hunting team into action, and they will get to immediately hunting down the best in new deals fro our trusted network providers. We do not rest until we have a great range for each handset to ensure that you can have exactly what you want at a price you can afford, because our loyal customers are the lifeblood of our business.

So where you are looking for the latest Samsung Galaxy deal, a brand new iPhone pay monthly contract or want to get your hands on the latest Huawei we are confident you will find something you really love here at Fonehouse. We also believe that wanting a high-end flagship phone should not mean that you have to pay extortionate prices either, we think it is a perfectly reasonable plan, so we are committed to making sure that even the high-end handsets come with a range of stunning tariff options. This means we are confident that you will be able to secure a pay monthly mobile phone contact at a price you can afford and keep your bank balance happy at the end of every month.

If you are looking for a more affordable pay monthly option then unlike some of our competitors we do not just stock the latest high-end pricy handsets. We pride ourselves on stocking a vast range of handsets across all the ranges, from high-end to mid-range to budget because we know that our customers have a vast range of needs and we believe they should have access to whatever handset that they fancy. So whether you are looking for something from Nokia or Motorola, LG to Doro do check out what we have on offer as they are all here. We have a great range of pay monthly mobile phone deals to suit all budgets, so do have a look and if you can’t see what you are looking for let us know and our customer service team will try and help you find the perfect deal for you. Our pay monthly contract deals are not only incredibly good value, but we have some amazing extras on offer too, which means you can get the phone you want, on a contract price you love with some added extras you did not even realise was possible. First and foremost we always try and make sure that every handset has pay monthly deals that offer n upfront cost which basically means that you get the phone in the deal for free, and we do this on all phones including the latest high-end offerings. Secondly, we try hard to offer a range of cash back deals; this means that you will be able to save even more on your monthly tariff. Some of the deals feature automatic cash back and if you choose one of these you can sit back and relax confident in the knowledge that this will be applied for you. Other cash back deals require you to claim your savings and details of how you do this will be sent once your contract is live. It is important you do as the instructions say to make sure that you get your cash back saving activated.

Here at Fonehouse, we have formed exclusive partnerships with Vodafone and EE. The reason for this is that we want to make sure that you have the best service going forward. Having the handset you really want is one thing but if you cannot then get the best in connectivity and signal you are going to be pretty disappointed. We work with just two network providers because we believe that they are the best on the market and we know they offer 99% coverage across the UK. So if you need to make a call or use your phone when you are not connected to wifi, we feel it is vital that you network provider can make this a reality. 4G cover is improving all the time, but we know that EE and Vodafone have the leading edge and that is why we use them. Add to that the fact that both companies offer exceptional customer service and have an ethos that matches our own and you will understand why we choose them. It was also important to us to make sure that as we mentioned the structure of the website was easy to follow and use, and with just two network providers we make sure that the deals are all of the highest quality and you can easily see the deals rather than having to scroll through a myriad of network provider deals and still not be sure who to choose at the end of the day.

Another reason why we love to work with EE and Vodafone is that they both offer a generous amount of free gifts to their new customers and we just love to see you get extras with your deal. Most of their gifts are related to streaming services, so with EE, you can get three months free with BT Sport meaning that you never have to miss your favourite sports ever again. If you take out a new iPhone contract, you could opt instead to have six months free access to Apple Music, and EE will even cover the data for this, so you do not have to use your own. EE also offers free roaming in the EU which if you travel a lot is a great bonus as internationally calling can certainly rack up the charges.

When it comes to Vodafone, they offer a really exciting range of streaming services that are free to access for the whole 24 months. While you have to cover the data yourself the fact you can get two whole years access is pretty impressive. Vodafone offers their new customers on certain tariffs the choice of Sky Sports, NowTV, Spotify or Amazon Prime Video. We think that this is a really great choice and certainly a lovely offer.

With both EE and Vodafone any free gifts will be marked on the tariff so you can easily see which deals carry the freebies and make your choice from there. Again, details of how to access any of these gifts will be sent by the network provider once your contract is up and running.

Some of our customers are not looking to purchase a new pay monthly contract but are looking for a new handset on a SIM-free basis. This is also something we have thought of, and here at Fonehouse, we have made sure that these customers are also able to get the best service and lowest prices on a massive range our best SIM-free handsets. If you are looking for a high-end smartphone like the iPhone Xs Max or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro we have got you covered. Perhaps you are in the market for something more budget range after an accidental breakage just so you can get to the end of your contract and upgrade, not a problem we also have that covered. Have a look through the great range of SIM-free deals we have on offer.

Some of our customers are looking for SIM only deals, and we also have these in abundance. Where you want a 12 month SIM or a rolling 30-day SIM, we have some amazing deals at really great prices. You can be as committed as you like and we have negotiated some really great prices here too.

Once you have chosen the phone, contract or SIM that you want you will also be delighted to learn that we ship these to you so that you get them the very next day and that you do not have to pay a penny for the privilege. It is a free service we offer because we get as excited about new phones as you do and know how much you want to get that box and get started.

Fonehouse is really delighted to also be offering broadband services from one of our network partners. EE has a remarkable reputation when it comes to providing broadband and mobile phone services to it makes sense for us to work with them on both of these. Their broadband is one of the best in the UK, and they have so many different features that you can tailor make your package to et the best. EE understands the busy home and offers connectivity for so many devices at the same time that you will never find your internet connection has gone slow or you cannot stream movies on more than one device at the same time. We are committed to getting you the best broadband deals that meet your needs.

EE also has a range of home phone plans that can be bolted on any of their broadband packages making this a really flexible alternative for many homes. With over 31 million customers across the UK, you can be sure that you are getting the best broadband service possible. From managed installations to those with a lower broadband need one of the things we love about EE is the fact they really do have everyone covered, and you do not have to pay for services you do not need, neither do you have to settle for a service that does not meet your needs. We cannot guarantee next day delivery on broadband; however, EE is very good at getting you set up quickly, so you won’t have to wait long.

If you want to find out more about any of the products and services we offer here at Fonehouse or if you have any questions at all about shopping with us, then why not get in touch with our fabulous customer services team. Our UK based team is highly knowledgeable and more than happy to any questions you might have for them, so call them today on 0333 900 1133.

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