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Sell your phone in three easy steps

Trade In
Get a Price
Let us know which smartphone you would like to sell and get an instant price.
Send to fonehouse
Ship your mobile to us for free. Or, if you prefer, print a label and send to us today!
Get Paid
Get Paid Securely
We will check your items and pay you the same day!
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a trade in?
    A trade in is essentially you selling your old phone’s back to Fonehouse for a quoted price. Your phone is then re-homed and is great for the environment as it saves energy, conserves natural resources, and it keeps re-usable materials out of landfills!
  • Which phones can I trade in?
    Currently, we can only offer a trade-in service on a range of Apple and Samsung devices. By having a narrow option of devices available, we can make sure we’re giving you the best price available. We are working to increase our range of devices accepted for trade in for the future.
  • How do I send my old phone(s) back?
    It has never been easier to get cash for your old devices.
    Simply tell us what phone you want to sell to us, and we will present you with two options at the end of the online journey:

    1. We will send you a Trade In pack and arrange for one of our delivery drivers to collect the phone from your doorstep, all in the same day!
    2. We will send you a Trade In pack, which includes a free label for you to package and send back to us for Free at your own leisure.

    Payment is made the same day we receive your items back – as long as they are sent back as described!
  • Does it matter if my device is locked to a network?
    No, it doesn’t matter if your device is locked to a network. We ask that you confirm this information when arranging the trade in.
  • Am I guaranteed to receive the price quoted?
    We guarantee that the price shown on your trade in confirmation email will be paid assuming the condition described matches the condition the phone arrives in (assuming we receive the device back within 14 days). If the phone arrives in a different condition, or after 14 days, you may will receive an email asking you to accept a different offer price.
  • How do I get paid?
    Once our expert engineers have screened your device to ensure it is in the expected condition, we will make payment to the bank account you provided to us the same day we receive your device.
  • Can I change my mind?
    You will be able to change your mind on your trade in up until you receive an email advising that the payment will be issued shortly. To cancel your trade in, you would need to call us on 0333 900 1133. If you decide to cancel at any point before payment is issued, we will ship your phone back to you for free.
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