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Awesome Black Friday PS4 Deals

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As the summer is drawing to a close, it will soon be time for Black Friday again. November 29th, 2019 is the date to watch out for this year and some retailers have already started leaking news about what deals they are going to be offering. We look at some of the best. 

What About the PS4?

Rumours are starting already about the PS5 which is expected to be released by the end of 2020. This doesn’t mean that the PS4 is disappearing just yet. It more means that there will be some great deals coming up for the console as it moves into its twilight years.

The PS4 was released around six years ago, and even the PS4 Pro was released around three years ago. This means that retailers and suppliers have the stock that they want to sell particularly as they ramp up for Christmas.

The Differences

The main difference between the two versions of the console is the display output. The PS4 Pro delivers games in 4K UHD resolutions. There are several really popular games that take advantage of those extra pixels and look stunning as a result. Aside from that, the consoles are largely the same. The Pro has a little bit more processing power and an extra USB port on the outside. The design is a little different looking with a more stepped look from the console.

Deals to be Found

Because the PS4 is an incredibly popular console it is one of the devices that often comes up in Black Friday deals. This has been true of every Black Friday that has happened so far and it will also be true of Black Friday this year. You want to start your research early and look out for deals. Many retailers will likely start rolling out their deals ahead of the day itself particular as they each try to get a jump on one another. The PS4 deals will tend to be released earlier than the PS4 Pro deals as well, so keep that in mind as you do your research.

Killer Games

When it comes to the best deals these are normally centred around the top-selling games of the moment. Games like Fifa 19, Fortnight and the Crash Bandicoot trilogy are all available packaged with PS4 consoles and this generally reduces the cost of the deal. So, look for the latest blockbuster releases that will be out around Black Friday and look for deals that will include those games, as you are likely to see some amazing offers.

Year-Round Deals

Of course, some retailers can offer you the best in PS4 deals all year round and you will be able to check out these deals at any time. Some of the best bundles can be found by looking on sites such as ours. They don’t artificially inflate their prices, just so that their Black Friday deals appear better. Their deals are simply the best you can get at any time of the year.