iphone xs max

Best Apps for Your iPhone XS Max

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You have your new iPhone XS Max and now you want to show it off, so what are some of the best apps that you can find to really make the most of your phone. We run through a few of them here.


One of the great new features that was introduced with the XS Max, is the ability to replace the built-in password manager with one of your own, so if you already use an app like last pass you can now use that. However, if you don’t yet have a password manager, we can recommend 1Password. It is a great app and means that you don’t constantly have to remember all of your different passwords. It also has a cloud option which means that not only can you save your passwords locally, but you can also store them in the cloud with dropbox.


If you are really enjoying the new portrait mode from the camera, but wish it had a few more options then this is the app for you. It allows you to work on any photo you have already taken and adjust the blurring and depth-of-field options. It is really easy to use as you just slide the yellow box around to the focal point of your image. 


If you don’t think that the standard camera app is up to much and you want a much wider range of options to play around with then this is a great replacement camera app. It lets you directly set the exposure, brightness, and focus settings as well as being able to shoot photos in RAW mode. One of the standout features is the ability to use filters and you can simply pick out your shots and apply a filter to the lot of them in one hit. That is really useful.


No, this isn’t an app that tells you about the typical British weather. This app is focused around Podcasts and is one of the best on the market. It lets you use features such as volume boost and smart speed so that you listen to all the podcasts that you want in the best possible way. There is even a smart playlist feature which will let you manage all of your subscribed podcasts into an evening of listening pleasure.


This is a great app if you are often out dining with friends and end up arguing over the bill. With this app you simply take a photo of the receipt, you can then assign items to individual friends, and split the rest as necessary. This will then give you a total for each friend to play. So, if you want to do things like split the food, but everyone pays for their own drinks, because of that one friend. (You know who you are) then you can do that easily with this app. It will certainly stop all the arguments and let you carry on having a fab night out with fuller bellies.