samsungh galaxy s10 plus best apps

Best Apps for your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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You have just got your latest and Samsung Mobile Phone, and now you want to know how to get the best of it. What better than installing some killer apps for it, and these are some of the best that you should download to make the most of your S10 Plus.

Hidey Hole

Loving the new infinity display, but thinking that the punch holes are ruining it a little, then this is the app for you. This app provides you with a curated list of wallpapers that are designed with the punch holes in mind, and are designed to hide them easily within the design. This means that despite them still being there, you no longer notice them.

This app is constantly updated so you will always find something good to choose from.

Holey Light

One of the things that having an infinity display does is eliminates the notification LED. Which some people are missing as a quick visual indicator as to what is going on. If you are one of those people then this is for you. What the app does is change the colour of the edge of the punch hole camera to pulse with different colours depending on the notifications. This effectively gives you a notification led, but makes use of the punch hole camera to do so.

Battery Ring

This is yet another app that does something different with the punch hole in the display for the camera. This time, it lights up partially around the edge as a visual indicator of how much battery life is left on your phone. With tones of customisation options for colours etc, this a great visual indicator of when you need to charge your phone, or when it is done charging on your bedside table.


This one isn’t about the punch hole thankfully, but instead what this does is give your entire phone a colourful changing border around your screens edge. Think of it as a more colourful replacement to the edge lighting feature that is found on the phone. This gives a great effect and is in keeping with the current trend in accessories on gaming devices, so maybe this just one for the games in the audience.

Sound Assistant

This is unique in that it is an app directly from Samsung, and once installed on your phone it allows you more granular control over how your sound works. It allows you to adjust the sound volume for apps individually as well as change what the volume buttons control, be it media, or call volumes. This is an app that should have been there by default, but as such it is a nice addition.


AdHell3 is one of those useful apps that blocks ads system wide on the phone, it runs as a service in the background, doesn’t require root, and it doesn’t drain your battery, which is fantastic and something that really gives you great control over your phone and saves your data.