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best summer offers on mobile phone deals

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If you are looking for new mobile phone you will be forgiven for feeling a little confused by all the deals on offer.  It really is hard to know where to start, and we understand that picking the best deal is really tricky especially if you are not even sure which handset you want.

Our wonderful team has been pounding the pavements, searching high and low for the best offer mobile phone deals so that you can be confident you have the pay monthly deal possible.   We have handpicked a selection of best deals from our website so let’s have a look at a couple.of deals we know you will love.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung have a solid reputation and it is fair to say that their Galaxy series of phones are some of the best handsets in the market. The Galaxy S8 was usurped last year by the Galaxy S9 as the flagship phone for Samsung but it is still a feature packed phone that many people choose because it is not quite as pricey.

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is sleek and modern, featuring an edge to edge infinity screen that is currently all the rage.  The handset offers wireless charging as standard which is great if you forget to plug your phone in! Simply get into the habit of placing it on the charger and you will never be low on power again.

We have some cracking deals on this handset, too many to note but, in one such deal you can own this phone for just £31 a month. This is a 24 month contract with EE that comes with 20GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts and a free handset with no upfront cost.

Sony Xperia XZ1

Another leading name in mobile phone manufacture is Sony.  They cleverly sit just below the likes of Samsung and Apple and quietly get on with selling handsets as customers realise just how good their phones are.  The Xperia series has always been well received and the Xperia XZ1 is no exception.

Easily identified by their square edged shape these phones stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats in terms of camera quality, sound and playback and processing power.  This is a very capable smartphone that many users love and enjoy owning. Again we have managed to put together a whole host of deals on this phone but the one that catches our eye is from EE. In this deal you can have a Sony Xperia XZ1 for no upfront cost which is really great value.  The monthly package includes unlimited talk and texts with 4GB of data, and the phone comes in a choice of black, blue or pink so can really be tailored to the user.

These are just two of the many best offer mobile phone deals we have currently, so for a wider range have a nose around the website and see just how many handsets and offers we have.

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