Epic Black Friday Xbox One Deals

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It is autumn time again. Which means that it will soon be Black Friday. This year one of the biggest shopping days of the year falls on 29th November. So, mark it in your diaries. Some of the retailers have already started letting slip what deals are going to be going on on that date. So if you are in the market for a new console we check out some of the best deals.

What About the Xbox One?

With Microsoft’s next console still some way in the future that means that the Xbox One is going to be around to stay for a while. Whilst the initial console was released six years ago, Microsoft has refreshed it twice since then. As well as the Original Xbox One, there is the Xbox One S which was released three years ago and the Xbox One X which was released nearly two years ago. Retailers will be looking to take advantage of the Christmas market with good deals on Black Friday.

The Differences

The three consoles all differ slightly. The Xbox One S has essentially the same hardware as the base Xbox One but offers the ability to play 4K Blu-Ray discs. This means that you can watch films in stunning UHD quality provided you have a suitable TV. The Xbox One X improved the hardware inside the console and upped the performance considerably. It also added the ability to play games in 4K quality which was the primary reason for the performance improvements. This makes the Xbox One X the fastest console currently on the market.

Deals to be Found

The popularity of the Xbox One means that it is going to come up in several Black Friday deals particularly as customers either look to upgrade or purchase the console in time for Christmas. In previous years Black Friday has seen some great deals on this console and this will also be true this year. Some retailers will, no doubt, try to get a jump on the competition by rolling out deals early. This will be particularly true of the older model consoles. So it pays to start your research early to find the best deals.

Killer Games

When looking at the best deals around you want to see what games are currently topping the charts. Many of the best deals will include bundles games with the console. So you will see games like Fortnight, or PUBG bundled with the console. That being said there are still some great deals on the console only. It is worth seeing which games will be released around Black Friday and looking for bundled deals that include these games with your console.

Year-Round Deals

Some sites can offer year-round great quality deals on the Xbox consoles. So, this means that you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get your hands on the console. Check out the deals we have on our site and you will be surprised at what an amazing year-long deal we can offer you.