Excellent Contract Mobile Deals for Kids

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Giving your kids the ability to stay in contact with you is something many parents want for peace of mind. Pay as you go mobile phones might seem to be the cheapest option but as kids often don’t think, this can mean they use up all their credit and then have nothing left for when they really need to get hold of you.

 There are plenty of really great handsets available on pay monthly contract deals that can actually cost you less than having to top up a phone every couple of weeks, and if you make sure you pick a deal that offers unlimited talk time and texts then you can be sure they will always be able to get hold of you when they need you.

iPhone 6

Apple handsets are usually a popular choice among young people, and while the iPhone 6 is an older model, it still offers plenty of functionality. It was the last iPhone handset to feature the standard headphone jack meaning they can listen to music through headphones which are often preferred.

 It is compatible with the newest iOS 12 which also has a neat feature called screen time. This automatically monitors and tracks activity on the handset and lets you know by breakdown how much time is spent doing various activities. So if you want to limit the time they spend chatting to friends or using social networking sites, you will have an accurate picture of their habits.

 If you are looking for a great deal for the iPhone 6, then we have loads for you to choose from. You might want to cap the data on offer to make sure they are not spending all their time playing on the phone, and you can get some really great deals for just £19 a month, which is less than having to put a tenner on every couple of weeks.

Samsung Galaxy 8

We all know how funny kids can be about things like phones, so there is no point trying to get a handset they don’t consider to be trendy. If they think the phone is embarrassing compared to their mates, they might be tempted to leave it at home which defeats the object.

 The Samsung Galaxy 8 is a really modern cool phone that offers a great range of features and is something most kids will be happy to be seen with. Now a couple of years old the technology is still really robust, and the infinity screen makes this a great choice of phone for them. In terms of contract prices, you can get some fantastic deals here from about £30 a month which could still be a lot less than you would spend topping up a pay as you go card every couple of weeks.

 Again you could opt for a lower data option to prevent them wasting time on their phone when they should be doing other things, and most of the deals offer the handset free which is another bonus.

Excellent Contract Mobile Deals for Kids
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