Great Mobile Phone Deals for Students

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Across the country, a new raft of teenagers have completed their first few months at university and will be settling into life away from home. It is now that they begin to realise how much they rely on their mobile phones and realise to their cost just how much it can take to keep a pay as you go mobile phone up and running.

 Many are turning to parents for help, and one of the best pieces of advice we can offer is to switch them over to a pay monthly contract mobile phone as there is serious money to be saved here. Whether you pay the bill for them or they are financially independent a contract mobile is still the most pocket-friendly way to keep them in contact.

Phone Envy

One thing you will find is that students tend to have some great ideas on the handset they want which can often be outside of their budget, however there are some great deals to be had on the latest handsets and many of phones that slipped from flagship into second place now make excellent choice for keeping up with their peers and offering valuable functionality that might even be able to help them with their studies.

When it was released, the Galaxy Note 8 was touted as an office in your pocket because it offered superior functionality on office-based applications, many of which transfer well to the world of education and learning. The Galaxy Note 8 comes with the S-Pen which adds to the functionality and makes taking notes in lectures a piece of cake.

The phone has a significant level of functionality, so there is still plenty on offer for that social downtime. Pay monthly deals on the Galaxy Note 8 have fallen since the new releases in September so this could be a great time to grab an affordable deal. Many deals come with no upfront cost meaning you can have the handset free and just pay the contract amount each month. Be sure to get a contract that offers the right amount of data as this is often where people are caught out and find themselves paying extra charges at the end of the month.

iPhone 8 Plus

With three new iPhones since the iPhone 8 Plus was released the prices on this phone have gone down over time, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is still a feature-packed phone that boasts some of the latest technology. The iPhone 8 Plus has a large screen which makes this an excellent option for note taking or looking at documents on the move.

There are many great deals for the iPhone 8 Plus that have unlimited calls and texts meaning there is no danger of accruing extra charges when they are using the phone. Data can be scaled up or down to suit and depending on the situation regarding Wifi access on the university premises and in student accommodation.

Great Mobile Phone Deals for Students
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