How to screenshot on the Huawei P40

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Once you know how to screenshot on the Huawei P40, you’ll be searching for other life changing features to learn, making your life way easier. There are all kinds of different screenshot methods on the P40 range, and each give you a different kind of screenshot. Each result can be used for various needs, whether you’re sharing a website, video or just a photo.


Taking a partial screenshot

Partial screenshots are an amazing option for wanting to capture a single piece of information, that doesn’t fill a whole screen. This can be information such as an address or even a small detail. Before being able to use this feature, you do need to turn it on through your settings. Head to settings – smart assistance – motion control – smart screenshot and make sure this toggle is turned on. You can then get to taking the actual screenshot.

You will need to start by firmly knocking the screen using your knuckle and dragging it around the area you want to screenshot. Always make sure you return to the place you started to get the full image. The section you have drawn around will appear on screen and here you can change the shape of the screenshot to make sure the edges are neat or just leave them. You will also be able to add any effects available to the screenshot.


How to screenshot on the Huawei P40

A single screenshot is a great way to share any information that fits into one screen, such as a photo or single text. These screenshots will save down to your photo gallery, where you can edit or send them on. There are quite a few different methods you can use for this kind of screenshot, you just need to figure out the easiest way for you.

One of the simplest methods to grasp hold of is screenshotting using the buttons. All the need to do is hold the power and volume down button at the same time. The phone will capture your screen and save it down. You’re able to capture using this method from any screen.

Another method you can use is to swipe down the top bar from your home screen and tap the screenshot option. This is only available when your phone is unlocked.


Learn how to take a scrolling screenshot

With a scrolling screenshot, you’ll be able to capture the entire display, even if it’s not viewable in one screen, at once. This is perfect for capturing whole websites or conversations. Again, you do need to make sure this feature is allowed on your device by heading to settings – smart assistance – motion control – smart screenshot and ensure that the toggle is on.

When you come to take the screenshot, make sure you’re at the top of the screen. The scrolling screenshot will only scroll downwards so anything above the starting position will not be captured. Once your screens all set up, knock on the screen with your knuckle and hold it for a few seconds. You then need to draw an ‘S’ on the screen and take your knuckle off. You’ll see the display starts to scroll. This will automatically save down to your photo gallery.


There are a whole load of exciting features you can learn as well as knowing how to screenshot of the Huawei P40. This smartphone is packed full of secrets, each making your life slightly easier and your experience far better.