How to Turn on Battery Percentage on iPhone XR

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How to Turn on Battery Percentage on iPhone XR

The iPhone XR is one of the most powerful and capable devices ever to be produced and is the latest offering by the giant known as Apple. It has many features which help to endear it to a modern audience, including the ability to turn on the battery percentage and track how long you’ll be able to go before you have to recharge.

But how do you find this function and turn it on? Well, it’s not as advertised as you would like, so it involves a little bit of trial and error and searching. Alternatively, we can show you in this guide. 

Showing Battery Percentage

Okay, so here’s the thing. The battery percentage is always there. You can’t see it most of the time. Strange, right? If this is confusing to you, then you’re not the only one – we were a touch perplexed when we first got access to the XR to play with ourselves. You see, it used to be that you had to go into the settings application and switch it on from inside accessibility. That was the given for all models which came before the iPhone 8. But the technology for the phone has advanced so much since then that you’ll need to do something completely different here. 

So, do you remember the control centre? It’s like a central hub for you to access a lot of different features concerning your mobile device – it gives you information about the audio you’re listening to, lets you turn on a torch, access your camera, and a full selection of other things. Remember this because it’s quite essential.

See, the current generation of iPhones have evolved past the point of having to toggle their battery percentages. The bezel at the top is designed that there isn’t any room for the battery percentage to be there all the time. Instead, you access it by bringing up your control centre app, which is accessible by swiping down from the top-right selection.  That will give you access to the control centre, and then if you look at the top right of the screen, you’ll see your battery percentage. Helpful, right?

So as you can probably tell, it’s not all that difficult for people to access their battery percentage whenever they want to. Apple may not have been able to keep it all in one place, but the option to view it is there, and it’s easy to work with. You can tell that even though they’ve tried to make something easy to work with, there’s been no massive failure in terms of design. It doesn’t matter, especially that you can’t see the battery all the time, because most people don’t need to. They need to check on it from time to time to assure themselves that they can keep going without a new battery.

Apple has made an incredible device, and that’s easy to see. It’s smart, functional, and it gives you everything you could need for getting the most from your device from the beginning. So all that you need to do is to make sure you’ve checked the battery now and then, and you’ll be good to go.