Huawei P30 Camera Features

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The Huawei P30 camera features are just a small reason as to why this is such a great phone. Huawei have built a huge fanbase that spread word about their phones. When you take a closer look, you can really see why.

The P30 has proven a big success with hard core fans and has also attracted a few new fans. They have twitter trends for users to share all their photos taken on the Huawei P30. Some of these photos look as if they were taken by professional photographers on the most expensive of digital cameras. However, the price of the phone really doesn’t reflect that!


Triple Lens Camera

Huawei blessed their P30 with a triple lens camera that will knock you off your feet. This trio offers a 40MP super sensing camera, a 16MP ultra-wide-angle lens and an 8MP telephoto lens. Working effortlessly together, you’re be able to capture photos with immense detail and colour.

The ultra-wide-angle lens allows the user to shoot the most magical landscape photos with more visible than ever! With a broader perspective on offer, you don’t need to worry about taking multiple photos of one scene or squeezing the whole family into one small shot.

A real macro lens means you can create the most artistic, detailed photographs yet. Great for photos of insects or plants, you’re able to discover details you didn’t even know were there from 2.5 cm away. The finest of details come to life right before your eyes.


Huawei P30 Zoom Feature

Where’s the point in zooming in on an object if all you can see is a colourful blob? Well, the Huawei P30 lets you capture crazy detail and vibrant colours with 5x hybrid zoom. This feature of the camera makes use of optical zoom, digital zoom and all the software to offer you the highest level of details without having to move an inch!

As if this 5x hybrid zoom wasn’t enough, you can also make full use of up to 30x digital zoom. This is perfect for picturing the stars, capturing that animal on the other side of the safari and the kids in the sea. This level of zoom still offers you a high amount of detail so no need to worry about losing out!


Huawei P30 Night Mode

Everyone has been caught, at least once, wanting to take a photo but their camera not picking up enough light to picture the scene. Huawei have push that issue out the window with the Huawei SuperSpectrum sensor. This works closely with your camera lenses to allow up to 40% more light into your camera. You can now shoot the perfect photo without needing to get that extra flashlight. Even in extremely dark settings, you’ll be able to photograph a scene that will impress anyone!


Huawei P30 Long Exposure

Long Exposure is something you didn’t know you needed if you love being out in nature. It’s safe to say that nature is one of the most beautiful, yet difficult, things to photograph. It’s always amazing to see a photograph that has paused nature and the Huawei P30 allows just that. You can now create photographic art from the moving waters you see out and about with a simple hold of a shutter. Turn the busyness of the forest stream into a gorgeous, silky flow.


Huawei P30 Selfie Camera

Not only is the rear camera sure to send you flying, but the selfie camera is a huge hit too! Huawei have given the P30 an amazing 32MP front lens with technology to improve your photos massively. The camera will recognise you and add shadows and highlights in natural places. Startling details, a lifelike glow and an airbrushed look. What else could you want from your selfies?


If you’re searching for a phone with an amazing camera, the Huawei P30 may be your top contender! It’s super easy to use, offers professional photographs and doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket