Huawei P40 Lite 5G Review

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Looking for a new phone? With our Huawei P40 Lite 5G review, you can get to know the ins and outs of this new smartphone and decide if it’s really for you. There are hundreds of top tier features in this phone whilst carrying a not so top tier price. With a fun design, great components and an even better camera, we’re sure this is going to be perfect for your needs.


Camera Set Up

The set up on the Huawei P40 Lite 5G is a seriously impressive one. Baring in mind this is a more affordable variant of the P40, you get a very strong quad lens camera set up. Inside this setup is a 64MP wide lens, an 8MP ultra wide lens, a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP depth lens. Each of these will give you a different shooting style as well as different outcomes in terms of photos. You’ll be using the 64MP lens for most of your photos. This lens will offer high resolution photographs with great amounts of detail.

When you’re photographing the scenery right in front of you or even taking a group photo, you’ll look towards the ultrawide lens. This lens will allow you to take a step back and fit more into a single frame. Enjoy viewing the world as it is from a photograph. The depth lens is going to allow you to, surprisingly, add more depth. This will make photos, especially portraits, stand out more than ever. Any portraits you take with this lens will look incredibly professional. Finally, the macro lens is going to capture details and colours you can’t see with the naked eye.

Featured on the front of the phone, you’ll find a 16MP wide lens. Alone, this camera can produce high quality images with more detail than ever before. You’ll be able to spot textures and colours that are there in person. Paired with a few cool features, you’re able to capture high quality photos at all points of the day. With Night Mode present in the selfie cameras, you can capture outstanding selfies even in the dark.


Under the Hood

Whilst features and cameras and so much more makes a phone exciting, whatever is under the hood is what makes it impressive. Keeping the Huawei P40 Lite 5G powered is a 4000mAh battery. You’ll never find that your battery drains quickly, instead, stay connected for the entire day without the worry of losing connection to the rest of the world. Even when you are running low on power, Huawei’s 40W SuperCharge will allow you to charge your phone up to 70% in only 30 minutes. Have a coffee and charge your phone before being ready to set off on your day.

Behind the brains of the phone is actually the Kirin 820 5G chipset. Paired with a 5G contract, the Huawei P40 Lite 5G is going to offer some of the best speeds seen on a smartphone. Whether you’re playing a game, watching a film or working from your phone, this device is going to make sure you do it uninterrupted.


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After reading our Huawei P40 Lite 5G review, we’re sure you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with the phone. Lucky for you, our prices are at an all time low in our Summer Sale right now.