Introduction to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

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After the long wait for the Samsung announcement, we finally get our introduction to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 and it’s got some amazing features. Not only are foldable phones seriously trendy right now, but they’re also incredibly portable and realistic. Carrying around larger screens can be so inconvenient but when you can fold it, it’s all of a sudden much easier.


Meet the new Fold

As one of Samsung’s most talked about devices, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 brought a whole ton of excitement. The original fold took quite some time before it finally got through to the release so it’s surprising to see the next variant come so soon. That being said, Samsung have managed to pull this off better than ever. With the Z Fold 2, you’ll get to enjoy a 7.6 inch dynamic AMOLED display. With such a large display, you can completely immerse yourself within the phone. Making it that much better, it is of course foldable too. For a portable, larger display, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is your perfect option..

Of course, a cool phone is nothing if it doesn’t look good all over. Whilst the display is very impressive, you also get to enjoy something a little different in terms of design. When folded, you get to enjoy an all glass design, offering an extremely glossy finish all over. When unfolded, you get a plastic back to make it more protective whilst still enjoying a high end finish. You can further push this sleek design with a choice between Mystic Bronze and Mystic Black. Both offer a very eye catching design but allow you to really express yourself.

Just like all the other recent Samsung handsets, you’re also getting a pretty flashy camera too. On the back of the phone, you can find a triple 12MP camera set up. This consists of a wide camera, ultra wide lens and even a telephoto camera. Having so many different lenses present means you can capture photos exactly as you want. Whether that’s in the dark, from far away or even up close, this camera really offers a whole range of shooting styles.


Under the hood

On any smartphone, the components that keep it going are the most impressive. Starting with memory, you don’t get too much of an option when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The only variant includes 256GB 12GB RAM. That being said, this is more than enough storage for the average person. If you’re only going to use the phone for texts, calls and photos, you’ll find that you never run low on this. For anyone who’s looking to do a little more with the new Fold, you may run low however, there are options to enjoy cloud storage.

Battery life is ever more important and with the Galaxy Z Fold 2, you’re going to enjoy one of the best batteries so far. Keeping this phone powered is a 4500mAh battery. This is capable of holding hours of usage on a single charge. Of course, just like any other smartphone, you will eventually need to charge it. When it comes to this point, make full use of it’s range of charging options. This includes fast charging, fast wireless charging and even reverse wireless charging.

Alongside the amazing battery setup, you can also find the Snapdragon 865+ chipset. This acts as the brains of the Z Fold 2. As a relatively new and innovative chipset, you’ll be able to enjoy the very best speeds from this phone. With the Snapdragon 865+, you can even make use of the latest 5G connectivity. You will need a 5G ready deal, of which we have more than enough on offer. Get the very best from the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 by choosing the perfect deal.


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After your introduction to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, we’re sure you’ll love it just as much as we do. Want something bigger? Why not check out the new Note 20 range. Offering a high class design and innovative features, there’s something for everyone from Samsung this year.