iPhone 11 Pro Max – Is it Waterproof?

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So for a really long time, mobile phones all had a similar sort of problem. They weren’t very waterproof. It’s nice to have a mobile, but it’s also not nice to have it stop working because it’s got rain or dust on it. So providers eventually started working on a solution.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is going to be probably one of the best models that Apple has ever made, but is it waterproof? That’s what we’re here to find out.

A Happy Start

If you’re someone who is a fan of the iPhone series, then you will know that the most recent models have had a pretty good waterproof rating. This new model is no different, and comes with an IP68 rating. Now, we appreciate that this is just going to be two letters and two numbers for people who don’t know what it all means, so let’s take a look at that.

Understanding the IP Rating

So the IP rating isn’t particularly difficult to understand. Each of the letters and numbers corresponds to a different type of damage that can be done to the phone, and then how well that particular model can resist said damage. So for example, the Pin IP stands for the level of liquid protection that the phone has. From top to bottom, it goes like this: 

I – Dust protection and other small particles like it. 

P – Liquid protection.

6 – Impact resistance (this is not commonly considered anymore). 

8 – Protection against oil and high voltage surging through the device. 

Translating The Meaning

So if we were to translate the meaning for this, we’d see that the phone is pretty much immune to water damage. It is built to last in the rain and in other places, which makes it good for people who want to go out and about in all weathers. 

It’s also got a good level of dust protection too. On an interesting side note, Apple asserts that if you really wanted to, you could take the phone underwater and take photographs with it and you wouldn’t encounter any issues at all. That’s pretty good if we do say so ourselves, although it’s not something we’ve had the chance to test out. Most people who take photos underwater would have a more specific setup. 

So overall, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is built to last. There’s a good level of waterproof rating on there, which is great for anyone who wants a durable device that will see them through to the next upgrade. It’s waterproof to a point though, and we wouldn’t recommend that you try and test it too far. After all, it’s not worth people breaking their device because they’ve decided to give it a good go. You could take photos underwater, but why would you bother with that? However, it’ll be fine for people who want to just have a durable model that doesn’t break if it gets exposed to the rain or dropped in the loo by mistake.