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Is The iPhone XR Waterproof?

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Is The iPhone XR Waterproof?

So, most of us don’t plan on taking our mobiles for a swim with us, but if you work outside or are a little clumsy and tend to drop your phone, the waterproof maybe an option. A few years ago dropping your phone into water was pretty much a death sentence, and lots of mobiles died on nights out when they accidentally went for a bit of a dip in the toilet bowl. 

However, things really have moved on in leaps and bounds, and now it might actually not be a total disaster if your phone happens to go for a swim without us. So, what about the iPhone XR? Is this handset waterproof, or will it sink not swim? What do you need to look for to know?

Well, what we look for is something called the IP rating, and the higher up a manufactures hit-list a phone ranks the more chance you will get of finding a decent level of protection installed. Apple is always proud of the handsets it offers, and the XR was released in the most recent grouping late in 2018. So, it will come as good news that it has an excellent IP rating. 

The iPhone XR is rated IP67, and what this means is that your phone can be submerged in water, that is no deeper than one metre for about 30 minutes and still function fine. Apple Care now makes no provision for water damage because it has these clear ratings and frankly if you happen to leave the phone in the washing up water for an hour or more, you are going to be on your own when it comes to repairs. Now, while this is one of the top ratings, we still don’t advocate testing the theory on purpose, but it does offer you a lifeline if the worst occurs. 

If you are heading out to sea, doing extreme watersports or otherwise planning to get your phone really wet, then a sensible addition is the purchase of a waterproof case. Of course, leaving it on dry land is the best option, but if that really isn’t possible, you should have a waterproof case and someone of securing attaching the phone to you. If it slips out of your hands on a river or at sea the chances are water damage won’t be the issue, finding the phone will be a bigger and probably impossible problem. 

The XR is a really powerful handset and was introduced as a cutdown, the successor to the iPhone SE, so the fact it has been given such a cracking IP rating shows just how much Apple value the product and means that for a cut down price you are getting an exceedingly good piece of technology that has been well thought out. So, enjoy your handset and don’t worry if it lands in a puddle or down the toilet, but take care if you plan to head down to the depths scuba-diving!

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