Meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Range

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Now that we finally get to meet the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 range, you can see exactly what’s on offer and get an idea of what’s to come. With each addition to the new Note 20 range, we can expect class, high quality and the best technology. Each year, Samsung releases a new Note and each year, it manages to shock us all.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Each manufacturer that releases a new range of smartphones will always have a lower tier variant. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is the lowest tier handset of them all. Don’t worry though, this is still a pretty impressive phablet. You’re going to get to enjoy a very well designed 6.7 inch super AMOLED display on this phone. By removing as much of the bezel edge as possible, they’ve left us with a very large viewing area. With the tiny punch hole selfies camera, there’s not too much to take away from it either.

Not only do we get to enjoy a classy display, but the back of the Note 20 represents this feeling too. Right at the bottom of the device, there’s a faded Samsung logo, almost unnoticeable. All else on the back of the phone is the camera setup. This sits in a raised box, slightly darker than the rest of the phone. With a plastic back, you get a very high end, matte finish. This is on offer with the Mystic Green, Mystic Bronze and Mystic Grey colour options. Thanks to these features, you get an extremely clean design.

Whilst design is a big reason for anyone to choose a smartphone, what the phone can do is also important. One thing the Note 20 does very well is consume you with audio. Whether you’re watching films, streaming music or playing games, the Note 20 kicks out an impressive sound. Enjoy being completely consumed by the built in stereo speakers or enjoy audio through headphones. Just like other modern smartphones, you won’t find a headphone port however, you can still enjoy the high quality audio through wireless headphones or an adaptor.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G

5G connectivity has moved on quite some time since it was released just over a year ago. With 5G moving on, manufacturers, such as Samsung, have been working on opening up the smartphone market a bit more. Offering a 5G variant of the Note 20 allows consumers to decide exactly what they want. When you purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G, you’re getting all the good bits that you get in the 4G variant and more. Just because it’s a second device doesn’t mean anything major has changed.

Behind the brains of the Note 20 5G is the Exynos 990 chipset. It’s all thanks to this feature that you’re able to enjoy 5G connectivity. Of course, you will need to make sure you’ve got a 5G plan to go alongside it. If 5G isn’t available in your area right now, it’s best to see when it will be available. When you move from a 5G area to a 4G place, your plan will automatically drop down and pick 5G up when it can. There’s nothing you need to do to make sure you stay connected for the entire day.

Whilst offering you fast speeds, the chip also makes sure that the camera is working as efficiently as possible. On the back of the Note 20 5G, you’ll find a triple lens camera, consisting of a 12MP main lens, 64MP telephoto camera and a 12MP ultra wide lens. Each of these offers you different shooting styles from wider frames to focal lengths and even dark mode! Producing some of the most detailed images seen from a smartphone, the Note 20 5G camera is sure to blow you away. There are so many built in features to give you professional photographs.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Just as every range of phones has a lower spec variant, they also have a higher spec variant. In the Note 20 range, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is the highest option. Pretty much every part of the Note 20 Ultra is a lot better than the rest of the phones in this range. For example, protecting the glass back and front on this smartphone is Gorilla Glass 7. So far, there have been no devices that have used this level of Gorilla Glass. That being said, your screen should be protected against any light bumps and knocks.

Making sure that the Note 20 Ultra stays powered for the entire day is a 4500mAh battery. This battery is capable of holding hours’ worth of battery life to make sure that you never run low. You can stream for hours, download all day and even enjoy gaming from the Note 20 Ultra for hours on end. When you do come to charging the phone, you’ll have a choice of different methods. These include fast charging, fast wireless charging and reverse wireless charging. Charging up to 50% in only a half hour sitting with fast charging too.

As this smartphone has higher specs, you of course get a much more powerful camera system. Sticking with the 12MP ultra wide camera, we instead get a 12MP periscope telephoto camera and a huge 108MP main lens. From this main lens ,you can expect some of the highest quality images ever seen. They’ll hold more detail than ever before and show real life colours and textures. When it comes to what this camera can produce, you’re going to be turning heads.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Range

Each device in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 range has its reasons for being better than the others. You’re going to want to take a look at what’s on offer and what you need from your smartphone before committing to one. They’ve all got pretty affordable price tags so you can be sure they’re not going to break the bank. If you don’t feel like something from the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 range is right for you, you could try the Z Fold 2 5G or give the Z Flip 5G a go. With so many brand new phones coming out this year, Samsung has something for everyone.


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