samsung galaxy s9 camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Review

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The Galaxy S9’s camera so a leap ahead in terms of the technology. It features a number of innovations, that mean that your photos really pop, and shine in the right light.

The Basics

On the S9 you get a single lens, dual aperture rear camera. It is a 12-megapixel wide angle lens and has f/1.5 and f/2.4 variable apertures. This also has an auto-focus lens. It is also capable of capturing video in full 4K UHD at 60 fps, and you also get the super slow-motion video capture mode, this will take video at 960 fps. On the front there is an 8-megapixel camera that is great for taking selfies, and also makes your video calls look really great.


The dual aperture aspect of the lens is designed to improve performance of the camera in low light levels. The selective focus mode uses the dual aperture to bring attention to the object of your picture, whilst blurring out the background. This is a really clever trick, and the dual aperture means that in low light levels you can still get really good results and take great pictures without using the flash.

Low Light

Low light has been the focus by Samsung when it came to the camera this time. They wanted to make sure that when you take a photo, that it doesn’t appear washed out or over exposed. Whilst the camera uses automatic settings by default. You can change these manually to ensure that you get the best photo. This includes selecting which aperture to use. You can also switch the phone into Pro mode, and this gives you manual settings for every option. This requires some experimentation, but you can get some great results. The use of HDR also makes sure that the darkest areas of your phone really pops.

Photo Software

There are a number of great features included in the camera software, that lets you do many different things. There is an option called AR Emoji, and what this does is use your image to create a number of cartoon animated gifs that you can send to your friends instead of regular emojis. The camera software itself it set up to run everything automatically by default, and this means that most of the time you get the best possible pictures. It includes choosing which aperture to use, and it seamlessly switches between the two depending on the shot. If you find this a little over zealous, then you can use the Pro Mode to override it.


The camera has been greatly improved on the Galaxy S8 and it is so much better than the one on the Galaxy S8. You can spend hours and hours playing with all the different options and changing the settings, whilst you get a load of really good photos. So, whether you are trying to get into photography, or just want to up your selfie game and become the envy of social media. The options are there for you.