The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 5G Deals

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When it comes to speed on the go, then 5G is the next big thing that is currently being rolled out by mobile networks. This technology will bring you superfast internet to your mobile device. The speeds you can get on 5G have the potential to rival even what you can get at home with a fibre connection. To be able to use this superfast connection you need a 5G capable handset that can deliver. View all of our best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 5G Deals here.

Not Just a Modified S10 Plus

This phone is its own beast. It isn’t just a standard Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with a 5G modem crammed into it. Samsung has taken the opportunity to make a truly market-leading phone with this one. This phone is bigger, thicker and features more cameras and sensors than its 4G brother. So, you are getting much more phone for your money.

The Display

The front features a full-height 6.7-inch screen with an oval punch-hole in the top left for the two selfie cameras and a depth sensor. The screen is a QHD+ AMOLED affair that looks truly gorgeous. Though it doesn’t have the 90Hz refresh rate of the OnePlus 7 Pro it is bright, crisp and colourful exactly as you would expect from Samsung. The massive screen means that this is a really big phone with curved edges and a tapered rear that keeps the weight down.


The screen also hides Samsung’s ultrasonic in-display fingerprint reader. This means you can unlock the phone just by placing your thumb on the screen. The fact that it is ultrasonic means that it should work well in wet conditions. So whether you have just washed your hands or it is raining outside the phone will still unlock. Speaking of water, this phone is also water-resistant to international IP68 standard.

This means if you drop it in the toilet then a quick rinse off will be all you need to keep using the phone. The phone also has a 3.5 headphone jack, something that is becoming increasingly rare these days.

Battery Life

The battery is where things get interesting. Internally the phone features the same chipset and ram as the standard S10 Plus. This means that performance is on par with that phone and is suitably quick at doing pretty much everything you can throw at it. Samsung has improved matters though by including the biggest battery of any phone they currently produce. Set on the default FHD+ display, with the always-on display set to off the phone was easily able to last for 36 hours between charges even with pretty heavy usage.

Final Thoughts

Even with the incredible battery life, when it comes to charging you will be done quicker than on other Samsung phones.  In the box, Samsung has included a 25W charger that will see you hit 90% charge in about an hour. Even if you want to charge the phone wirelessly it will still take a wireless charger of up to 15W and of course the phone features Samsung’s wireless power share technology.