samsung galaxy s10 plus camera

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Camera Review

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When it comes to mobile phones the camera is one of the most important features these days as it seems everyone wants to be the next great photographer. So you want to make sure you have the right one. Let’s break down what you get with the Galaxy S10 Plus

The Stats

Firstly, it is important to know what you have. And the S10 Plus gives you three great rear cameras in one. The triple lens option means that you have one lens tailored to a particular photo style. So what are the details of each.

There is a 12-megapixel wide angle lens with a dual aperture, a 12-megapixel telephoto lens and a 16-megapixel ultrawide angle lens. 

On the front there are two lens, you get a 10-megapixel dual aperture lens, and an 8-megapixel lens. So with a total of 5 different lens on this one there is going to be a wealth of good options for photos.

In Use

It is really simple to switch between any of the lens, as there are various icons that appear on the camera app that allows you to switch freely between them. So you can ensure that you get the best option for whatever it is you are taking a photo of. There are also some cunning software features to ensure that you get the best from your pictures.

The first one is portrait mode. This is called ‘Live Focus’ on the Samsungs and it allows you to apply a range of effects to get the most from taking a picture of a person. You get blur sliders and effects called Spin and Zoom. This means that you can ensure that the person if the focus of the shot.

You can also apply spot colour to the picture, for some striking photos, and these effects can be applied and swapped after the picture has been taken as well as before, so you can swap around to your heart’s content.

Scene Optimiser

There are a few other nifty features that help with ensuring you get the best from your photos. One of these is the Scene Optimizer. This can detect up to 30 different types of scene and auto-adjust the settings to ensure that you get the best quality picture possible. You can also turn it off, if you don’t like the suggestion that it has come up with. But you will need to have it switched on to use night mode.

Shot Suggestion

There is also a Shot Suggestion feature, this is a menu option, and what it does is provide you with directions to improve the quality of your picture and then it will automatically take the best shot once it hit the sweet spot of focus. This is especially helpful when taking photos of things like buildings and scenery as you don’t have to press the shutter button, you can just concentrate on taking the best shot. Sometimes it may take more photos than you want, but with cheap storage this isn’t a problem.