Tips to Setup Security on Your Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

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Samsung have delivered a device that’s comes with so much power and choices that people don’t really know what to do with the device. Here’s a few pointers setting up your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus’s mobile phone security.

S9 & S9 Plus Unlocking and Security

Avoiding snooping eyes

Keeping certain files and apps out of the way from snooping eyes you can setup a secure folder. This gives you an extra bit of security. This is where you can keep all the private apps, photos and movies that you don’t want anyone else to see.

Enabling Iris, face and fingerprint security

Setting up your S9 security is simple. Go into settings, then into lock screen and security, the into screen lock type. At this level you have the option to choose the security setting you want to use. The S9 requires a back system that uses either a pin number or a password. One thing to remember here is if you are right-handed use your right thumb, if your left-handed use your left thumb. This makes it a more natural experience hen holding the S9 or S9 Plus.

How to wipe your Galaxy S9 should you need too

Phone theft is one of the leading crimes in the UK and the team at Samsung have worked up a way to keep your personal information safe. If you go into your settings, then into lock screen and security, then secure lock settings you can setup the device to auto factory reset if someone tries to access the device more than 15 times unsuccessfully.

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Use your face and eyes to keep your S9 and S9 plus secure

Intelligent scan makes it a bit easier to unlock your Galaxy S9 by using your face or iris to unlock the device. You will have to register both via the security settings but once done you only have to look at the handset to unlock the phone. A quick note, people who wear glasses can sometimes find this feature a bit hit and miss.

Sometimes you must put your phone on lock down quickly

You know that moment when your boss walks in and you need to quickly put your phone to sleep? This is simple with the Samsung S9. Go to your settings, then into lock screen and security, then into secure lock settings. You can choose from several different options on how you want to quickly put your S9 into lock mode. This can be when it goes to sleep (which most mobile phones do) or you can choose to click the standby or side button. Handy when you must leave your phone out of your sight.

Setup a pin or password when your phone restarts

This is an older tip, but it really is an essential one. Setting up a pin for when your phone restarts makes it harder for phone thieves to use the device. This is readily available in the security settings. To set this up just go to settings, then to lock screen and security the secure start. You can choose all the settings you want from there.

Keeping your Network locked

Setting up this option helps keep your phone safe should it be stolen. Its means the network cannot be changed while the phone is locked. To setup this feature go to settings, then into lock screen settings, then into secure lock settings. Here you can choose the option to turn this on.
Keeping your SD card secure

This helps keep any information, videos or photos on your SD card safe from anyone who may get hold of your phone. Only your phone will be able to open the information on the SD card. To setup the feature on the Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 plus just go into settings, then into lock screen and security, then into encrypt SD card, here you will find all the options to setup security for your SD card.
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