Tricks to Improve the Display of your Samsung Galaxy S10

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The Galaxy S10 has an impressive infinity display AMOLED display, and has the potential to really show what makes this phone so good. However there are a few tricks you can do to make it really shine and here they are.

Make the Most of The Display

It may surprise you to learn that your phone is not set up to take full advantage of the display that comes with it out of the box and there are a few changes you can make to improve matters. The first thing you should look at is the resolution. You will find that your phone has three settings when it comes to resolution and, by default, it is not set to the maximum resolution. This is nominally to improve the battery life, however why pay for a display if you are not going to use it. You should tweak this up to maximum resolution and you will find that things are much crisper.

Now that you have pushed the resolution the next thing you need to look at is real estate. By default Samsung uses quite large icons for it’s apps. This again can be tweaked and they can be made smaller. This will allow you to get more in a smaller space. Normally changing it from four in a row, to five in a row. The last display change you will want to do is enable quick notifications. This will allow you to see all notifications just by swiping down from the top of the screen.

Improve the Colour

More display options to play with are still to be found. One of the things you can do is enable the night mode. This can be set to certain times, or to follow the sunset to sunrise pattern if you enable location settings.

This will mean at night the black on white will switch to be white on black, this is not only less harsh on your eyes, but has the advantage of saving battery life as well. Whilst there you can also tweak the colour settings and enable vivid colour if you like your screen to really pop. Finally have a look at the blue light settings. This will change the ‘warmth’ of the white shown on screen, and reduce the blue end of the spectrum between sunset and sunrise. This is said to help improve your ability to sleep.

Hide the Punch Hole Camera

Samsung have increase the screen real estate by removing the notch and giving us just a simple punch out hole for the camera, but it can still distract on the screen. There are two ways to deal with this. The first is you can enable a setting which basically puts black bars at the top and bottom which hides it, but you lose screen because of it. What is much more effective is to use a custom wallpaper that makes a feature of the hole.

We have seen custom wallpapers that turn the hole into an eye on a character like Wall E or Darth Vader, or how about making it the tip of Bender from Futurama’s antenna. These are very creative ways that disguise the hole in the screen and look really great.