What is Coming with the Google Pixel 4 Phone?

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When it comes to mobile phones, Android is the most popular OS in the world. So when Google, the makers of Android, release a phone of their own they have something to prove. Their previous efforts have always been very well received, so what can we come to expect from the next iteration of Pixel phones.

 When and How Much?

 These are the two big questions that everyone is going to want to know. With Google’s I/O Developer conference just around the corner and due to take place in October then this is likely to nail the when. Though we don’t know for certain what Google will announce at this conference, in previous years they have used the opportunity to let us know about their next flagship mobile device. When it comes to pricing then we would expect the Pixel 4 to come in at about the same price as the Pixel 3. Though the Pixel 3 saw a jump over the Pixel 2, rumours suggest they don’t expect that to be repeated here.

 The Cameras

 This is something that Google themselves have confirmed a little about. A photo that they released on Twitter shows the rear of the phone. This suggests a camera lens mounting in the top left of the rear with three lenses being visible. This would be the first time that Google has opted for a multi-lens set up over using software to achieve results. Rumours suggest that the two main lenses would be a 12MP and a 16MP, with the third lens being for a time-of-flight sensor. We imagine they would still include software features like the Google SuperZoom that was first launched with the Pixel 3A XL that achieves incredible results in up to 20x zoom mode.

 Hardware Specs

 When it comes to chipset all the rumours point one way and that is with the SnapDragon 855 chipset. This would see the phone having great performance. In terms of RAM, a realistic assumption is that it would have 6GB of onboard RAM rather than the 12GB that has been spotted in some of the Samsung models recently. For the display, the 6.3inch size of the Pixel 3XL is likely to remain in 4XL, whilst the Pixel 4 could see an increase to 5.7 inches over the Pixel 3. One of the more solid rumours is that these displays are likely to feature a refresh rate of 90Hz which give the phones a smooth scroll that has to be seen to be believed.


 Software features are something that Google does well, and when you pair that with the Soli radar chip then that means that they will have come up with something special. Shown off in a video by Google themselves the Pixel 4 will feature a Face ID unlock technology, which of course is nothing new technology wise. Google has also indicated that they will be using motion gestures as well with the phone that will allow us to ‘Snooze an Alarm, skip a track, or silence a call’ all with the simple waving an arm.