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Frequently Asked Questions About Emporia

Q. Who Are Emporia?
A. Emporia are an Austrian brand that first started in the early 1990s and is a leading brand for easy-to-use devices across Europe. Launching in the UK in 2019, Emporia are able to offer amazing quality products backed by over 30 years’ experience in design and manufacturing.

Q. Who Are Emporia Phones Aimed At?
A. Emporia design mobile and fixed line products that are easy-to-use and address the needs of an older audience that may need some additional support and product features for a better experience. These features include extra-large buttons, simplified large menus, easy-to-use and clear displays and a patented emergency call function for that ‘just-in-case’ moment. Emporia smartphones and tablet also include detailed training books to help users get more from digital technology, coaching users to confidently use applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and even contactless payments. However, if you’re a younger person and you prefer handsets more on the simplistic side these could also be a great option for you.

Q. Are Emporia Phones Easy To Use?
A. Yes, Emporia phones are extremely easy to use. Make calls, text friends and even snap photos with complete ease. Plus with the training book helping users to master the familiar Apps for communication, messaging, news and media they are the perfect solution for those starting out with Smart devices. And all emporia phones are suitable for those with some hearing loss with Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) and loud and clear sounds.

Q. What Are The Latest Emporia Phones?
A. Emporia SUPEReasy 4G

The Emporia SUPEReasy 4G is a recent addition to the Emporia family. Designed to help anyone move from a feature phone with buttons to the world of smart, nothing could be easier. With a focus on making calls and sending messages, it builds confidence without the frustrations but is still fully featured with access to all the apps in play store, a great 4.95” display paired with large icons and easy menus. This easy-to-use handset is powered by Android 10 with the Emporia interface for ease-of-use and features a rear camera (13MP) and a front-facing camera (5MP) and NFC for contactless payment.

Emporia V228 Joy LTE 4G

The Emporia V228 Joy LTE is a clamshell handset with a 2.8” screen that is ready for the latest 4G networks for better connectivity and improved voice calls. The device is rated IP54 meaning that it's dust and splash resistant and has loud and clear sounds and it's suitable for hearing aid users. The rear features a 2MP single-lens camera, and users can even enjoy FM radio for a bit of entertainment.

Emporia Simplicity V27 LTE 4G

The Emporia Simplicity V27 LTE 4G is called simplicity for a good reason. If you want a phone, without any frills but focused on the most important elements, this is the ultimate in easy-to-use. The clear 2.0” display with large easy to read text and enhanced sound with 4G connectivity its ideal for talk and text. Additional features are limited by design but include a calendar, handy torch, vibration alarm and an emergency button just in case.

Emporia Mobile Phone Deals

After browsing through the wide selection of Emporia handsets Fonehouse has to offer from the Emporia Joy LTE 4G to the Emporia SUPEReasy 4G, I'm sure you're eager to get your hands on a device of your own. From 100GB data plans to unlimited data plans, we've got it all. We plan to make your journey with your new Emporia device as simple as can be so if you need any assistance in selecting the perfect device for you, or if you have any other questions feel free to give us a call on 03339001133,  our UK-based call centre is ready and waiting. 

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