Dark Mode vs Light Mode

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The battle between dark mode vs light mode has been going on for some time now and we’re still not sure which side we’re on! Dark mode was introduced a few years ago and has since taken over the tech world. Apple and Android devices both offer dark modes. Apps such as Instagram and Facebook are now compatible with dark mode. We even put our website in dark mode for Black Friday!


Perks of Dark Mode

There has been a whole load of hype surrounding dark mode but is that because it’s different, or extremely cool? Twitter has offered a dark mode for years now, which quickly followed with Apple, Android and other apps jumping on the bandwagon. All dark mode is, is the ability to change your screen to black rather than white.

One of the biggest benefits of dark mode is that it is better for your eyes. Everyone’s been through the pain of sitting in a dark room whilst being blinded by the brightness of your screen. By turning your screen dark, there’s not as much chance of being completely blinded. Funny thing is, this isn’t the only health benefit to dark mode. Sitting in front of bright screens all day affects the secretion of melatonin. This is a hormone that helps us to fall asleep. This is why some people may struggle to sleep or even have headaches!

A perk that massively helps your phone out is that dark mode has been proved to help your battery life. If our battery is lasting longer, we’re open to it! There isn’t as much energy going into keeping your screen bright white and full of colour. Instead, the battery only needs to put a little bit of energy into brightening your screen in the slightest.


Light Mode Benefits

We’ve probably made dark mode sound like it’s absolutely amazing and has no downfalls at all. If so, that’s not the case. There are situations in which light mode is far better for you and your phone, you just need to realise when those moments are.

You’ll find that most devices have the option to automatically switch from dark mode to light mode when the sun is up. This is because light mode is far better for you when sunlight is present. Text can be difficult to read on a dark background, causing you to squint, which may then cause issues with your eyesight in the future.

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A perk of light mode that hasn’t been entirely proven is that people tend to lose concentration on dark mode faster than they do in light mode. Light mode is far better for long term comfortable reading of the user. Dark mode may be healthier for your eyes in general but it isn’t good for keeping you focused.


Dark Mode vs Light Mode

We’re sure the dark mode vs light mode is never ending. Studies show that in general, dark mode is healthier for users, if used correctly. If you prefer light mode, you should use light mode. Same as if you prefer dark mode, make use of dark mode. Unless you’re massively worried over future eyesight and sleeping ability, it doesn’t really matter which mode you prefer. As long as you enjoy using your phone, within reason, then you’re a winner!


Whichever team you’re on, the battle between dark mode vs light mode is going to be a long one but we’re all here for it! Are you going to be jumping ship and entering dark mode or are you going to stick with what you know?