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Best 5G Mobile Phone Contract Deals

We have a precise aim at Fonehouse, and that is to provide our customers with the best in handset and contracts with first-rate customer service. It is a simple aim, but it means we are continually working hard to bring you all the latest handsets and making sure we are at the cutting edge of new technologies. The latest new technology we want you to have access to is 5G, and this page is dedicated to the fantastic offers we have put together for you with our impressive collection of 5G enabled handsets.

Special Offers on the Best 5G Mobile Phones

You can view our special offers on the latest 5G mobile phone deals all with free next day delivery right here, and we have worked really hard to get you some mind-blowing deals that we really think you are going to love. It is really exciting to see that 5G is now ready to be rolled out, not just for us here in the UK but across the rest of the work to and it promises to be a game changer in terms of speed and reliability. 5G is designed to be super fast, so when you want to download something or upload to the internet, and there is no WiFI around you shouldn’t even notice that you are on 5G because it will be super quick. It also boasts a broader coverage map so if you ever found blackspot where you couldn’t get 4G, these should disappear now.

The awesome range of 5G handsets is really exciting for us, and we have collected the best, the ones that we know you are going to love, and these come from many different phone manufacturers. We have 5G handsets from some of the biggest world leading providers like Samsung to some of the newer upcoming companies like Oppo, and these phones are totally brilliant. We have also been really hard at work making sure we can have special offers on the handsets and the pay monthly deals that go with them, and thanks to our awesome partners at Vodafone and EE we really think you are going to be blown away with the choice we have.

All of the handsets have a range of features, with 5G being just one of the things they offer, and then you can pair this with our special offer deals that also have loads of different configurations that can be tailored to really suit your needs. Things to consider are data allowances, free or paid handsets, and a stunning range of free gifts from the network. Now all of this comes with free next working day delivery because we are like kids in a candy store when it comes to mobile phones. We love getting your handset to you as quickly as possible, and we really do not think you should have to wait, in fact we like to think our customers are sat in the window waiting for the postman so we grab your order as soon as you place it and send it straight to our dispatch people who get it packed and posted at super fast speed - a bit like the speeds you can get from 5G really.

So how do you go about finding the best deal for you? The first place we always suggest you start is with the data allowance because this is where you can run into extra charges if you use more data than you have purchased each month. With 5G you are going to love the coverage and speeds you get so you may want to consider upping what you have available. Now, if you don’t know where to start, then never fear, because our customer service team can help you with this. With a few quick questions about your lifestyle and where you go with your phone, they can help you decide on the best level of data for you. If you already have a mobile, then we can find out what you usually use from there.

We always suggest that you grab a little bit more data than you need, especially when there are so many fantastic special offers in place because going over can be painful to your pocket. The other thing to remember is that generally if you go over your allowance with your 5G handset, you won’t know, as your provider will allow your handset to keep working so you can get on with your life, but you will start racking up the extra charges which can be really frustrating. So we take an average day and add a bit, that way if something happens, like your WiFi crashes, or you head out for an impromptu day out, it doesn’t matter if you are using more data than normal, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that you won’t be accusing any nasty surprise charges when your bill comes in.

Next on the list is your handset, we work hard to be able to offer you a free, no upfront cost handset which for some people means they can own their dream handset sooner rather than later. Others prefer to make a contribution to the cost of the handset as it tends to bring you a lower monthly fee although we have worked really hard to make sure you are really getting a great deal and not having to pay really high monthly fees for having the handset free. After this, don’t worry, you are almost there, you will note that many of the deals come with a choice of free gift from the network. This tends to be something like free streaming access to sports, films or music, or perhaps a great deal on travelling abroad with your phone. Just pick one, and we will make sure it gets added to your excellent pay monthly deal, free with no extra cost.

So, if you want to learn more about 5G phones and how owning one could benefit your daily life, then do get in touch. Our customer service team is highly skilled and has knowledge of all the 5G handsets and special offers that we have here, and are delighted to help, so give them a call on 0333 900 1133.

*If you choose an EE deal your monthly price plan charge will be increased by RPI in March of each year. Other prices, such as call charges and roaming costs, may also go up during your plan. For full details please see section 7 of the Network terms and conditions.
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