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Best Motorola Mobile Phone Deals

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We know that customers love to save money, and when they spend money they want to be sure they are getting the best deal for their hard earned cash, and quite right too. Here at Fonehouse we support these wishes and are therefore committed to helping you get the best mobile phone deal we can. This means we will strive to have a wide range of deals on offer and make sure the handsets you can choose from cover all the manufacturers and not just the latest and most expensive handsets either. We are determined to bring you the widest choice.

When it comes to big names in the world of mobile phones you cannot get much bigger than Motorola. They have been a huge household name for many years and offer some of the best mobile phones on the market, so you can be sure you are getting a handset that offers you reliability, great design and some really awesome features packed into a phone that has the best price tag.

Our commitment to offering a wide range of handsets means that we have a great range of Motorola handsets for you to choose from, from the latest to some of the best in the way of older handsets there really is something for everyone. The Motorola G6 is a strong contender if you are looking for a smartphone that brings a lot to the table and won't break the bank. Motorola knows how to impress their customer and brings infinity screens, high performance cameras and top quality processors and operating systems to the party.

Motorola uses the Android operating system which means instantly that these are going to be good quality phones bringing a robust performance. With technology boasting 12MP cabers and Dolby audio the handsets just get better and better. So whether you are looking to listen to movies using the speaker or headphones, or where you want to record you day in photos these handsets will not let you down. They are not at the top end of the charts in terms of price which means they are available to a wider audience as they have a brilliant pay monthly cost and are great handsets to boot.

Here at Fonehouse we have tried to support our customers by not only offering the best choice in handsets, but by bringing the best range of deals from the best network providers, and with this in mind we have chosen to partner exclusively with EE and Vodafone as we feel that they tick all the boxes and offer the best for our customers. They both have a customer mission that closely matches our own and are dedicated to making sure their customers are happy with the service they provide. We know that EE and Vodafone bring this to the table so we won’t confuse the issue by adding other network providers and leaving you unsure who to choose, we have done that research for you and are confident that EE and Vodafone are the best. All you need to do is focus on finding the best pay monthly deal that has the data, talk time and tex allowances that you need.

Another reason we chose EE and Vodafone was because we are also determined to bring the best in network connectivity and 4G access no matter where you might roam. We know that most providers have great access in the cities and urban areas but we know that EE and Vodafone also offers the best right across the country which makes us feel reassured that we are bringing you the best in access whenever you need it. It is important that your handset is ready to use whenever you need to make a call or check your email. With 4G this fast you will not be disappointed and EE and Vodafone constantly strives to increase their coverage and fill any of the tiny remaining gaps. You can of course use their coverage maps to see how your area fairs but we think that you will be impressed. EE is also market leading on free calls in the EU which is perfect for those of you who travel frequently for work or pleasure.

To make sure you are getting the best for your money we have also been hard at working getting you the best deals that come with no cost upfront. This means that no matter how expensive your handset is you will not have to pay a penny upfront and you will just start paying your monthly premium. There is a great range of no upfront cost deals, so to get the best one for you, simply pick the data package that suits you best. The best guide to choosing data is to work out what you normally use and then choose something that is slightly bigger, as this allows for a month when the unexpected happens and you use more data than you thought. If you are not sure how to work out the best data allowance for you then please do chat with our customer service team and they will be happy to help. Finally we have negotiated a great range of deals that offer cash back to make your monthly payment even more appealing and better value for money.

Once you have picked the Motorola for you, and placed your order, we have one more gift for you. We deliver all handsets the very next working day, so you will not have to wait long to get your hands on your new phone, and because we know how exciting it is to get a new phone we do not charge for this service it is on us. (This cannot apply to pre-ordered handsets as we don’t have them yet either). So if you think that a Motorola handset might be the best choice for you, but still have questions then why not contact our customer service team on 0333 900 1133 now and they will be happy to help.

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