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LG Deals and Handsets

LG. As a company, they remain some of the most professional, committed and sophisticated designers of mobile technology around. They’ve existed for a long time now, and this means that they’ve had a lot of time in the smartphone industry. This time to refine and develop their craft has led to some compelling and innovative touchscreen phones over the years, and it’s clear that they exist as one of the technical giants of their era.

In 2018, there’s a lot of different ideas as to what the modern smartphone should look like. People all have different opinions - an ergonomic grip, a design which is both flexible and sensible, and a screen large enough to work with. LG has taken all of these different design mechanics and incorporated them all into a range of various mobile devices. Their technology and designs remain some of the gold standards against which other devices are judged. LG has proven time and time again that smartphone technology can look really good and still perform at an exceptional standard.

To try and make sure that they meet the needs of a lot of different people, LG has made it their mission to produce a wide range of different phones and devices. They have mobiles which incorporate a whole range of different budgets, lifestyles and options so that people have as many choices as they could need without feeling overwhelmed. There are cutting edge models for those who want the life of luxury. However, at the other end of the scale, there are cheaper models for people who still want the sophistication which is afforded to LG users but isn’t interested in a higher price tag.

One of the main features of LG phones is just how good their touchscreen is, and this really is something which sells. In every model which is released, you’ll find that there is a consistent standard of touchscreen prowess. The system is always responsive, and one which never fails to provide a fast input. This is part of the ongoing commitment from LG to giving customers the best possible user experience and is one of the reasons why we’re proud to be offering their devices.

Impressive camera features and functionality have also always been at the heart of what LG does. It’s evident to anyone who takes a photograph with an LG model and then compares it with a model released at the same time that the picture is of a higher quality. It’s a very admirable trait in a phone and means that people who value high-quality photographs can enjoy a consistent standard every time.

Here at Fonehouse, we are committed to providing you with the best possible selection of options and features. We aim to make sure that no matter what you do, you’re getting the optimum section of deals, extra feature and perks to make your deal one of the best you’ve ever had.

To try and make sure that this ideal becomes a reality, we’ve made sure to partner up with only the best possible phone providers, and this has led us to seek partnerships with both EE and Vodafone. We’re very particular about the companies we work with because we want to make sure that they share our visions for a high standard of customer service and satisfaction. We’re pleased to be able to confirm that these two companies do strive to perform at the same levels that we do, and so they’re a delight to work with.

What you’ll come to notice about both EE and Vodafone is that no matter where in the UK you happen to be based, you’ll be able to get a strong and consistent signal. This is one of the most important features for any kind of network provider because they offer an experience which is hard to beat. However, what they offer you as part of your entire package is more than just a good signal. The companies both offer you a range of different amounts of texts, data, calls and all kinds of other different perks to try and make sure that you get the optimum experience. For example, there’s access to such perks as Apple Music and BT Sport. All of these different options means that there’s a deal which is going to work for everyone.

These are some of the things which we really admire about our partners. Their commitment to customer satisfaction mirrors our own - they understand that you come into the world of pay monthly deals with expectations that you want to have met because they really do shape your attitudes towards phones and providers. However, both of our partners have a professional mentality at all times, and it means that we’ve all been able to work together to make sure you as the buyer get precisely what you need.

However, they’re not the only ones who are looking to impress! We’re always looking for new ways to keep our customers happy, which is why we offer you a fantastic service to look into. You can get free delivery for your device when you’re taken the time to choose a handset and a deal which suits your specific needs and requirements. It means that you can be exploring all the features of your new handset sooner rather than later, and it’s a service which is entirely free.

So if you’ve been taking a look at the LG handsets, and you’ve found something you want to find out more information about, or you want to discuss a deal with us, then please do not hesitate to come and speak to a member of the team. We’re always happy to stop and have a chat, which means that we’ll speak to you about all of your options and requirements, help you to understand anything you’re not sure about, and also help to match you up with the deal you’re going to get on best with. So please feel free to contact us on 0333 800 1133.

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