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Select Your Handset And Sony Playstation Classic Grey Gift For The Best Mobile Phone Deals

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Sony Classic

As a customer we are always looking for the best deals and the best value for our money, so here at Fonehouse we understand why our customers want exactly the same, and we work hard to get it for them. This means that we are constantly working to make sure that each and every pay monthly deal that we offer is second to none and with that in mind we work with the best network providers Vodafone, Talkmobile, and Three. They have kindly agreed to give us some really cool contract terms and some of the best free network gifts on offer including streaming music or movies on your device. We have negotiated some cash back deals to sweeten the deal further, and every mobile phone that gets order also gets delivered the very next working day for no extra cost. However, we wanted more. So we came up with this really awesome idea, when you choose one of our qualifying deals you can also get a really fantastic free gift, yes, totally free, to make your day that little bit better.

Sony Classic

If you love gaming consoles, then you are going to love this, as one of these amazing free gifts is a Sony Classic console. We just love a good reboot, and the Sony Classic is no exception. Based on their first games station, the Sony Classic has the same iconic retro look, in a smaller shell and we think it really rocks. Choose this free gift, and you are in for a gaming treat. If you owned the original, you would know how awesome it was, and if you didn’t then now is your chance to get your hands on one of the most classic games consoles to ever hit the shelves.

A Great Deal for Everyone

The thing we were keen to do with this free gift offer was to make sure that as many of you as possible could benefit. So, with that in mind, we have really worked at making sure we have as many different handsets as possible included in this amazing gift giving fun. This means you can still choose the handset you want and bag a present with your name on. Whether you want a Samsung, the latest Huawei or an iPhone we have tried to get the free gifts attached to as many of the handsets we stock as possible so have a browse through and see if your dream handset happens to be there with your dream gift.

As you would expect there are some really great games available for the Sony Classic so you will never be short of something to play. The extra cash you save by not having to pay for the console gives you a bit of extra spending power when it comes to getting the games you love, so what are you waiting for, add your perfect deal to your basket today.

If you have any questions about this amazing free gift offer or want to learn more about any of the deals that we offer here at Fonehouse, just call our customer service team on 0333 900 1133.

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