display tips and tricks samsung galaxy s10 plus

Cool Display Tips and Tricks for your Galaxy S10 Plus

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You have the latest and greatest Samsung phone and you want to make the most of it. It is certainly an impressive phone, and there are many things that you can do that will show it off to its best light. Here are a few for you to try with the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Hide the Punch Hole Camera

Samsung have certainly done a great job with removing the notch that appears at the top of most phone screens, and reduced it to a couple of small holes. This gives you massive real estate for your phone and shows off a little. But you can take it a little further.

There is an option in the software to hide the punch by effectively putting a black bar top and bottom of your phone screen, whilst this does the job, it does reduce the size of your screen, which isn’t great. One of the better things we have seen is a custom wall paper which uses the camera holes as eyes on a character like Wall-E or Darth Vader. This is a great way of turning it into a feature which will allow it to be hidden. The display looks complete yet still works. Awesome.

Improve your Display

There are few things that you can do to make the most of the display that are not set out of the box, and these will improve your experience going forward.

The first thing to do is to change the resolution of the phone. By default they don’t set the screen to max resolution to conserve battery life, but if you have paid for it, why not get it. So head into the display settings and pump that setting up.

Once you have done that you will notice that the icons are very big and that is because once again they have set them to be on the large side. You can change this and this will up the number of icons that you see in a row from four to five. The final thing you will want to do, is turn on easy access notifications this will mean that you can now see your notifications by a simple swipe down from the top. Whilst swiping up will give you your app drawer.

Colour Tweaks

Whilst you are in the display settings there are few more things you can change. You can set the night mode to be on, this will mean that at night, the screen will display to a much darker white on black theme. This not only saves your eyes from the harshness at night, but it also conserves battery life, so a winner all around.

Whilst there you can also tweak the colour settings to turn on vivid colour. Which will make the screen really nice and bright. Finally look to the block blue light settings, this will make the screen warmth change as the sun goes down, and ensure that when it gets to night the display isn’t keeping you up.