FaceTime features you will love

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There are so many different FaceTime features you will love from the latest iOS update. They make video calling so much more fun! Once you’ve learnt all about its very best features, we’re sure you’ll want to jump on FaceTime calls right away. It definitely makes this online social life a lot more fun.


What is FaceTime?

FaceTime is something that has been on Apple devices since the very beginning. It’s gone through a number of different face lifts and changes to get it to where it is now. FaceTime is the Apple default app, which you can use to video call other Apple devices.There’s are so many FaceTime features you will love that you’re going to want to pay attention to as well!


What devices can use it?

FaceTime is actually available on all iOS devices, even Apple watches! Depending on how old your device is depends on whether or not you’ll be able to use all the features. The best FaceTime variants come from iOS 12. This means that if you’ve got anything later than an iPhone 6, you may not be able to enjoy all the best features.

A few middle eastern countries don’t allow FaceTime on their Apple devices. This is because a lot of countries calls are tapped and traced to avoid terrorism threats. With the Apple encryption policies, they cannot tap into any FaceTime calls, therefore banning this feature. FaceTime is not available in the United Arab Emirates for these reasons however, it is enabled in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. 


Group Video Calls

A huge perk of FaceTime is that you can have up to 32 people on one call. This is perfect to catch up with everyone at once. The group call feature comes from iOS 12. This means that the majority of iPhones will have access to this feature. 

If you want to add multiple people to your FaceTime call, you can click ‘Add People’ to dial in other contacts. You do have to already be on a FaceTime call in order to get this button. 

Another way you can start group calls is from group iMessages. When you click into an iMessage group chat, you’ll be able to call other contacts by clicking the information button at the top. Here you’ll be able to enter a group call, which calls the entire group at one time. When the call is active, users can join and leave whilst without dialling in.


Effects and Stickers

The latest iOS update gives FaceTime users loads of new effects and stickers to enjoy. Using the effects, you can turn yourself into a Memoji or Animoji. The infrared sensors in the iPhone tracks your facial movement, making the Animoji or Memoji move with you. This includes mouth movement, eye movement, even micro expressions. 

You can also add all Apple emojis as stickers to the screen. When you place the stickers, they’ll pin to the area you put them. This means stickers remain where you have put them, even when you move.

You also have the option to add text to the screen too. You can edit this to say exactly what you want it to. There are a number of different fonts available from classic fonts to super exciting one.

You will only be able to use these features on devices with Face ID. This is because infrared is used to track your face to meet the movements. Only devices with Face ID have inferred sensors.


Complete Privacy 

A huge perk of using FaceTime over any other video cal app is that is has end-to-end encryption. Privacy is something that’s incredibly important to Apple. This means that all of your calls and messages are completely private, even Apple can’t listen to your calls or view your messages. FaceTime calls are never recorded or intercepted by anyone. The only think Apple keeps track of is who called who for up to 30 days.  They don’t even keep track of the duration of calls or whether  call was answered or not. 


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