how to screenshot on an iphone XR

How to Screenshot on iPhone XR

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How to Screenshot on iPhone XR

Having a new handset is excellent, but sometimes it can be tricky to figure out how to do things. You could, of course, spend time searching online but we are here to make things easier for you, so we have a few tricks and tips right here on the blog.

Now, the iPhone XR was released late last year as one of the three new phones that Apple bought to market. It is a cracking handset with many advantages. Technically it was the next generation of the SE. Now for anyone that doesn’t know the SE was a cut down version of the 6S series. What that means is that manufacturers give a handset a set of features below their high-end offerings, overlap on some of the good stuff and bring the price tag down, making it an attractive offering.

The iPhone XR is remarkable, it may be a cut-down phone, but it is still packed with top of the market technology and build quality and offers whooping punch, so it is no wonder it has been flying off the shelves. It was released with the XS and XS Max but has so many awesome features some users are deliberately choosing the XR over the other models.

It features some of the best graphics and VR technology, making it a great choice for gamers and the size of the screen means it is also perfect for people who love to stream movies. Now, of course, that is not all you will be doing on your phone, so you might have questions on the how and why’s of the handset. Taking pictures is fairly straightforward of course, and you have the choice of the front or rear facing cameras, but what happens when you get something up on your screen that you want to capture.

Well, whether you want to show off your gaming achievements or keep hold of some information you don’t want to lose then you will be pleased to learn that taking a screenshot on your iPhone XR is actually a simple thing to do, and it is something that is mirrored on other handsets, so an Apple feature you can transfer if you ever choose to change your handset. So here it is.

Have the screen open on what you want to capture
Press and hold the lock screen button
At the same time press and hold the volume up button on the other side of the handset.

You will see that the camera shutter goes off, and if you have your sound on, you will hear the noise it makes. The camera will then animate the screenshot shrinking down into the bottom left corner. If you ignore it, then it saves to the camera roll. If you click on the little preview, it opens in the editor, and you have the chance to crop, rotate or make other adjustments to make sure that it is perfect before it is saved to the camera roll.