Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera Review

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If you’re thinking about buying the new Note 20 Ultra for photography, make sure you read our Samsung Galaxy Note 20 camera review first. After having a play around with the Note 20 Ultra camera, there are hundreds of things you’re going to love and enjoy about it. From the lens set up to the design, there’s not much to hate.


Camera Setup

Nowadays, the set up of any camera can make or break your decision to purchase that phone. Lucky for us, Samsung have never failed to make a camera system that’s more impressive than the one before. Since the beginning of 2020, we’ve seen some huge upgrades from them. With the S20 range cameras to the A series upgrades, they’ve really picked up their game when it comes to photography. Given the size of the Note 20 Ultra, this camera needed to be impressive so you could use the screen for full editing purposes.

Kicking off the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera system is a 12MP ultra wide lens. With this lens, you’ll be able to capture the world from a whole new angle. This is essentially going to allow you to take a step back and photograph more at one time. You won’t have to worry about losing any detail or gaining any distortion either. The next lens is a 12MP telephoto lens and this kind of does the opposite. Enjoy being able to zoom right in and capture your subject close up in great amounts of detail.

Saving the very best lens until last, we’re taking a look at the main camera. For entirely detailed and extremely high quality images, you’re going to want to use the 108MP main lens. In any regular scenarios, you’re going to be able to take photos with the highest amount of detail you’ve seen from a smartphone. Even in lower light situations, this camera will be able to capture super high quality images. If you want nothing but quality from your smartphone camera, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is one of your best options.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Selfie Camera

Whilst most people only really ask for an impressive rear camera, it doesn’t hurt to have a pretty high quality selfie camera either. Nowadays, people are religiously taking photos. Whether it’s of them, their friends or the world around them, photos are becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate. Capturing memories with your friends was made way easier when the selfie camera was introduced. This gave us the ability to capture well framed photos without taking a million photos.

Hidden in the front display of the Note 20 Ultra, you can see a very small 10MP punch hole selfie camera. Although small, this is one mighty camera. Samsung really have done a great job of proving that bigger isn’t always better in some cases. Using this one lens, you’re going to enjoy taking some of the highest quality selfies we’ve ever seen. Make the most of photos with true to life colours, details and textures without any more effort from yourself. It also has Portrait Mode so you can enjoy a bokeh effect for something dramatic and professional.


Other Note 20 Ultra Features

Cameras aren’t the only good thing on the Samsung galaxy Note 20 Ultra either. This smartphone has hundreds of impressive features that will just make your experience on this phone far better. For example, the amount of charging capabilities will mean that no matter how many photos you take, you’re always going to have power. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is compatible with fast charging, fast wireless charging and even reverse wireless charging. Using the fast charging feature, you’ll be able to gain up to 50% charge in only 30 minutes, that’s time to have a coffee!

Cameras are made as fast as they are with the help from chipsets. A lot of the time, manufacturers will try and include more powerful chipsets to increase the capabilities of the camera. In this case, we get to enjoy the work of the Exynos 990. Currently, this is one of the highest quality chips in the market. It’s relatively new and has the ability to support 5G connectivity. By offering this connectivity, you don’t only get a fast camera, but you also get great speeds online. If you’re trying to upload your photos, you’ll find that with the help of 5G, it only takes a matter of seconds.


Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera Review

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has one of the highest specification cameras we’ve seen to 2020. Each lens is incredibly powerful, even if it’s not huge. With help from the built in chipset, you get a fast processing camera and can shoot over and over again. This camera seriously is one of the best we’ve seen in a long time. The large 6.9 inch super AMOLED screen also makes it perfect for editing those photos alongside it. The addition of the S-Pen also makes this far easier too. You’re going to enjoy photos preened to perfection.


If you’re interested in purchasing the new Note, make sure you check out our best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra deals over the best networks in the UK. After this camera review, we’re sure you’re going to fall in love with the newest phablet to 2020.