Unboxing the Vodafone Smart N10

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As one of the biggest UK networks, Vodafone knows a lot about mobile phones and today, we’ll be unboxing the Vodafone Smart N10, their latest venture. That’s right, Vodafone have decided to try their hand in actually producing smartphones. Starting off with the N10, you can get some pretty modern features and components but you won’t have the extortionate price tags.


Design Features

Larger screens are becoming an almost necessity for consumers now. With that in mind, the Vodafone Smart N10 has a 5.67 inch IPS LCD display present. This allows you to view some of the very best images in a high resolution. Spot real life details in everything you do. There’s only a small notch at the top and the bottom of the screen that takes away from this. Other than that, you get to experience a relatively full view.

As you can see with just about any smartphone that’s at the top of the market, a stylish design is important. That’s why you get such a unique design with the N10. A plastic packing offers a more matte finish with the Blue Borealis option available. This is perfect for avoiding thousands of fingerprints. To make that style a little different, you get a bobbled effect, almost resembling honeycomb. This is nothing like we’ve ever seen on a smartphone so far. All that is on the back of the phone is the camera system and Vodafone logo in a neat logo along the centre.

There are two different cameras present on the Vodafone Smart N10, the selfie camera and the rear camera. Both are wide angle lenses, which are the most standard lens you can get. There’s no special shooting styles or even angles to capture from. Hiding in the top notch of the screen is an 8MP selfie camera. On the back of the phone is a 13MP lens, partnered with an LED flash.


Under the hood

Behind every single smartphone is a chipset that beats it’s previous. Chips inside phones act as their brains, ensuring that every corner works as efficiently as it possibly can. To get a phone that processes better than any other, you need a good chip. Acting for the Vodafone Smart N10 is the Helio A22, an extremely reliable chip. You’ll be able to browse, download and even stream with no interruption. You’ll be able to enjoy a super smooth image, whether that’s a video, photo or even text. Not only does the chipset keep your speeds high, but that your battery is efficient.

Keeping the Smart N10 powered is a 2920mAh battery with some serious power. On a single charge, you should be able to go about your day worry free. Use your phone to contact your loved ones to let them know you’re safe without worrying about your battery dying. Of course, you will need to charge the phone every now and then in order to make it last the entire day. However, on a single charge your phone should be set to take on the day ahead.

Internal memory is something that people regularly run low on. Now that we keep hold of our entire lives on one little device, there’s a lot more it needs to hold. From hundreds of photos to emails dating years back. With the Smart N10, you’ll get 16GB of internal memory. Of course, this isn’t the largest amount of storage space. That’s why they’ve also given the smartphone a dedicated slot to insert your memory card into. This can add tons of further storage for a very small cost. It also makes moving data from device to device a lot easier.


Best Vodafone Smart N10 Deals

Cashback is one of the main ways we make sure we’ve got the best Vodafone Smart N10 deals on the market. This huge addition allows us to drop total costs by more than half. With both redemption and automatic cashback, you’ll be able to choose how you save that money. Of course, with two different types comes two different methods. Automatic cashback requires no claiming, just make sure you pay your bills. Redemption requires 5 different claims to be submitted.

Of course, as this is a Vodafone smartphone, you’ll be able to find some amazing prices on their network. A huge perk of the Vodafone network is actually the My Vodafone app. Through this, you’re able to see your monthly bills, allowance and so much more. You’ll also be able to enjoy the VeryMe Rewards offered by Vodafone. These give you thousands of discounts from brands you already love and even some you don’t know. Updated weekly, there’s always something to enjoy.

We recently partnered with Talkmobile to give you some of the best prices around. As they run on the Vodafone network, they have permission to offer amazing monthly deals. When you browse through the Vodafone Smart N10 Talkmobile deals, you’ll notice there are none over the price of £30 per month. This is because Talkmobile are there to keep things affordable and high quality. With their online account, you can even set spend limits so you never have any unexpected costs.


After unboxing the Vodafone Smart N10, you’ll see just how much they actually know about this industry, From it’s unique design to the components it’s made from, there’s so much to love. The best thing about it is that you don’t even have to break the bank.