Why do my calls keep dropping?

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There’s nothing more annoying than being in the middle of a phone call and the call dropping, only for you to ask, ‘Why do my calls keep dropping?’ To be honest, it’s not the easiest question to answer. There can be hundreds of reasons as to why calls drop. Some reasons are even specific to different phones. One thing you can be certain of is if your calls keep dropping, there’s a problem that needs solving. Lucky for you, we’ve taken a look into why calls drop and how to stop it.


Reasons for drops calling

One of the most popular common reasons for calls dropping is due to dead zones. This is when you’re in a particular place that is a little further away from cellular towers or surrounding my objects that block the signals from coming through. Most commonly, these will be in places with little people living, such as the Highlands. This is purely down to the fact that there are less towers in the area. A lot of places, such as the underground and built car parks may also not have much signal. This is because there are large objects blocking the signal from coming through.

In a lot of buildings, you may notice that your signal has seriously dropped, even though it’s perfectly fine outside. A lot of the time, this is due to the materials the building is actually made with. Materials such as reinforced concrete and even some types of insulations can cause lower signals inside. This is far more common in larger buildings as compared to homes. Going outside to answer a call is a huge inconvenience and is especially bad when it’s not such great weather outside. Being in the UK, that’s more often than not.

If you’re sure there’s no issue with the signal, then it may actually be your mobile that’s causing the issues. You can make sure this is the issue by noting when your calls are dropping, if it’s anywhere at any time, it’s most likely your phone. If it’s in particular places or at a particular time, it’s probably something to do with the signal. When your mobile is smashed up, gone through water damage or just not very looked after, the antenna may actually be damaged, causing dropped calls. Even if you don’t have the latest software update, this may be causing issues!


How to solve this

There isn’t really too much you can do about dead zones when it comes to your calls dropping. To solve it continually, there would need to be more cell towers built, which isn’t cost efficient. If your call is urgent, you should either come out of the built up area to a more open space or move closer to a town/city to reach signals. Alternatively, there are now boosters you can use to extend how far the signal is going. You could always take a look at different networks to find the one with the best signal in your area too.

Of course, once a building is built, it just doesn’t make sense to rip it down and make it with materials that allow phone signals. Whilst it’s a huge inconvenience, it also wouldn’t make sense economically. If you want to get signals in buildings such as these, you’re going to need a signal booster. These will make sure that your calls can be taken inside by projecting the cellular signals inside the building. A lot of people even use such devices to push Wi-Fi signals further around their house.

First of all, you’re going to want to make sure your phone is charged and updated with the latest software. Should that not help, you’re best off getting someone to take a look at your phone and see if there’s an issue with it. You may be able to come to some sort of agreement and arrange repair of the phone if possible. If the phone just isn’t able to be fixed, they may try and help you find something similar for a great price to make sure you can stay connected.


Why do my calls keep dropping?

Of course, there are ways to check with the above reasons and they’re pretty simple to solve. However, there is one last reason that may answer the question you keep asking yourself, ‘Why do my calls keep dropping?’ Well, if it’s not a damaged phone, a dead one or weak signals, it may be a problem with the handoff between towers. If you’ve answered a call on the move and are continuing to move, the signals need to jump between towers. Sometimes, the towers have handoff issues which cause your calls to drop. It’s not a huge issue though.

Solving this issue is actually pretty simple. A lot of the time, you’ll be able to call the number back and not worry about it dropping again. In some cases, if it happens a lot, investing in a mobile phone signal booster will help a lot. This will allow you to direct the signal from the tower to your phone and take calls with no worries.


Hopefully, you’ll no longer be asking yourself, ‘Why do my calls keep dropping?’ If the problem continues, it may be a case that you need to invest in a new smartphone. Overtime, your device may deteriorate, especially if you’ve had it for quite some time. Make sure you take a look at our best pay monthly contract deals when you do come to replace your phone to make sure you get the best price around.