Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 waterproof?

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One of the most wanted features on a smartphone is water resistance but, is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 waterproof? What about the rest of the range? We’re here to help you figure out the limitations of the Note 20 range when it comes to taking them in or near water. Simplifying it down is going to make it far safer when you do go near water.


What about the IP Rating?

When a new phone is released, manufacturers may choose to have it tested against small particles and liquids. Not all phones have this test as it can prove quite expensive. Anyone who does pay for this test normally already knows if it’s resistant or not though. Having an official IP rating can make the phone far more desirable to consumers, having that extra big of protection there. In terms of the Note 20, It has an IP68 rating, which means a few different things.

In an IP rating the I represents the protection against small particles, i.e dust. When dust gets inside the phone, it can begin to eat away at different components in the phone. By letting these particles into the phone, you’re going to experience your phone slowing down. To prevent that and extend a phone’s life, brands may choose to make it resistant. With the Note 20, you can expect full resistance against dust particles. The 6 shows that the phone has the highest level of protection and is actually dust proof.

This then means that the P represents protection against liquid. In this case, the 8 shows just how water resistant the phone is. Everyone has seen or had a water damaged phone before. The screen goes all strange, it stops responding and over time, the phone completely dies. To avoid this unfixable damage, Samsung have designed the Note 20 to have a water resistance of 8. Currently, this is the highest level of water resistance. With this rating, you can tell that the Galaxy Note 20 is water resistant, but has some limits, but what exactly are those limits?



Of course, there are limitations to taking the Note 20 in water. When it comes to dust particles, there aren’t any. The phone is completely dust proof so making sure that you take out any lumps of dirs.t from the ports will just keep that up. As the Samsung Galaxy isn’t quite waterproof yet, you are going to have to be slightly more careful.

There are both limitations when it comes to depth and time spent in the water. You should not take the Note 20 any deeper than 1.5 metres below water. As you go deeper in the water, you’re going to hit higher and higher pressures. The insides of the phone are built to withstand a certain amount of pressure. 1.5 metres is slightly above the average depth of a swimming pool. As long as you don’t plan on deep sea diving with the Note 20, you should be fine. Any water splashing on it or dropping it down the toilet shouldn’t harm the phone.

When you do take it in the water, you shouldn’t leave it in there any longer than 30 minutes. If you leave the phone in water longer than this, it’s lightly that seals will loosen and water will get into the phone. Once inside, there’s a lot of harm that will happen. As long as you don’t keep your phone on you whilst swimming around, you should be fine. Taking a few photos in the pool or under water photos for a few minutes should be absolutely fine.


Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 waterproof?

Overall, to answer the questions of, ‘is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 waterproof?’, no. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 range isn’t completely waterproof. Currently, no smartphone is completely waterproof. From the IP68 rating, we can tell that the phone is resistant in up to 1.5 metres of water for half an hour. If you push these limits, it’s likely that the Note 20 will incur some kind of damage. Water resistance is not the same as waterproof so it’s important to remember that. Right now, we don’t have the technology to make a phone completely waterproof.

You can be sure that whether you opt for the lower end Note 20 or choose the highest specification Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you’ll get to enjoy the phone near water. If the phone does become water damaged, it wouldn’t be covered by Samsung warranty. If you’re going to push the limitations of the Note 20 range, we would advise that you make sure you’ve got insurance. In some cases, insurances won’t cover such damage so make sure you look into the terms too.


Now that you can answer the question of, ‘is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 waterproof?’ you’ll be able to share the information. Keep your Note 20 safe and everyone else’s too! If you haven’t yet got your hands on the new Note 20, make sure to check out our best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G deals right now!